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  • Phish Dry Goods Electronic Gift Certificate
    Item #: PHGCCERT
    Give a great gift with a Phish Dry Goods Electronic Gift Certificate. Select the denomination you'd like to give below, and an electronic gift certificate will be sent via email to you or a friend. You can choose to have the gift certificate sent immediately, or for a date in the future (a birthday, for example).

    To make a purchase using the certificate, visit Phish Dry Goods, add the items you'd like to purchase to your shopping cart, and enter the code provided in the email as payment.

    The recipient will receive a customized email which will inform them of the gift and provide their account number and instructions. You will be able to set a delivery date for the gift email during the check-out process.

    Terms & Conditions

    Please note that Gift Certificates can only be used at Dry Goods and not at
    • $15.00