• Can you provide lyrics to a song?

    While we do not provide lyrics for songs, there are many websites that can help you. We suggest you perform a quick web search using the song title and artist name in the search query field: "song title artist name".

    Please note, we are not responsible for content on third-party websites.
  • How do I obtain a CD without Sony/BMG's Digital Rights Management software?

    Sony is offering to replace albums sold with the XCP Digital Rights Management software. Sony will be handling these exchanges directly, so please do not ship the album back to Phish Dry Goods. Sony is offering to pay postage for the exchange and provide free access to an MP3 version of the album. Please see the following links for more information from Sony

    Sony’s statement:

    How to exchange your CD:

    Please be aware that the Digital Rights Management technology included on this album only affects users who use the CD with their personal computer. The Dualdisc format does not include the DRM software.
  • What are the system requirements for enjoying product downloads?


    • Windows 98SE or later
    • 128 MB RAM 
    • 10 GB Hard Drive (a larger hard drive is optimal)
    • Pentium III 750MHz or faster (or equivalent)
    • Cable Modem or DSL
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 or Mozilla Firefox and Safari
    • Windows Media Player

    Mac OS:

    • Mac OS X (10.2) or later
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 10GB Hard Drive (a larger hard drive is optimal)
    • Cable Modem or DSL
    • Safari
    • QuickTime

    We highly recommend using high-speed internet access for file downloads.
  • Can I copy products onto my portable player?

    MP3 files may be freely transferred onto your favorite portable device. FLAC files have to be uncompressed and converted into other file types to be playable on a portable player. Use the software that came with your portable player to copy files onto your player.
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